The Ramon Suites hotel is located at the heart of Mitzpe Ramon, only few steps from the crater itself.

The advantage of this location is clear - the beautiful nature reserve and magnificent travel destinations which make the hotel an ideal starting point for your tours in the Negev and visits to the southern attractions.

Looking for a true Negev experience?

The Ramon Suites provides you with opportunities like no other- all at one luxurious suites hotel offering comprehensive and personalized service!

• Abseiling in Makhtesh Ramon
• Camel tours in Chan Hashayarot
• Safari trip to Ein Akev
• Traditional Bedouin experience
• And more…


The hotel’s dedicated professional staff will gladly recommend activities in the area and help you organize a day spent in discovering the natural beauty of the region. The following attractions and sites can be visited in Mitzpe Ramon and the surrounding area, in order to complete your vacation experience:

Camel tours in Chan Hashayarot – this experience is a must when visiting the Negev and the desert. Suitable for families and groups, the 30-minute camel tours follow a beautiful trail along the ancient incense route. Participants are treated to a view of the stunning landscapes of Tsin Stream, Sde Boker and the white gravel hills of Huvarim River. At the end of the ride you are invited to rest and refresh in Chan Hashayarot’s Bedouin tents and enjoy true desert hospitality.

Traditional Bedouin Hosting – suitable for groups. Authentic Bedouin hospitality with Sheikh Salem, the storyteller, who will describe the Bedouin lifestyle and desert traditions as he carries out the time-honored coffee ceremony, and then tell stories of the Thousand and One Nights for the enjoyment of the children and adults. The hosting takes place in the authentic Bedouin tents at Chan Hashayarot near Sde Boker, and guests partake in traditional sweet herbal tea, black coffee, and Baklava.

Jeep and Safari tours – suitable for families and groups who love challenging outdoor experiences in the field. The jeeps or safari vehicles will take you along magical trails in the region’s most unique locations: the Nikrot River at Makhtesh Ramon; Mt. Carcum; and the natural water pools of the Tsin Valley. The safari vehicle seats 32 people and offers an ideal activity for groups of travelers.

Abseiling in Mitzpe Ramon – for fans of extreme sports, with great action and the adrenaline rush of rappelling down the splendid cliffs of Makhtesh Ramon. This activity is monitored by professional and experienced staff and covers a number of abseiling points and different cliff levels. No previous abseiling experience or specific physical condition is required – all that’s needed is a little courage and willingness to try something new.

Delicious desert meals – for families and groups who are interested in a different style of food and a change of atmosphere – we have just the thing for you! Discover the mouthwatering cuisine served in the authentic hosting tents at Chan Hashayarot, in the traditional Bedouin dining style with service on huge trays and diners seated on pillows and mattresses. Participants have a choice of two menus:
• Traditional Bedouin Hafla – a hearty meat dinner.
• Nomad Meal – a dairy lunch with a delightful variety of pastes.

Tours in the area – for all guests of every age, there are numerous spectacular tours of the Makhtesh Ramon and Ramat HaNegev regions. It is also possible to visit the unique Makhtesh Ramon Nature Reserve, which offers a variety of splendid trails in the colorful sands of Makhtesh Ramon.

Ein Avdat Nature Reserve provides a beautiful tour of the canyons and their natural springs, wild animals and green vegetation. The Huvarim River Nature Reserve also has a magnificent walking trail that is particularly magical under the full moon when the glorious beauty of the white gravel hills is visible.
Albert Promenade – A beautiful 3 km promenade, starting at the visitors’ center just a minute’s walk from the hotel, and ending at Mount Camel.

The Sculpture Garden – Along the northern cliff of Makhtesh Ramon there is a beautiful promenade with observation points looking over the crater and at which environmental sculptures have been placed. Park your car in the grove adjacent to the big square of Mitzpe Ramon. The start of the trail is accessible from this point.

Camel Mount – A mountain located on the western boundary of Mitzpe Ramon. Its name was inspired by its shape, which brings to mind a camel’s hump.

Jeep Tour – A 2.5-hour guided tour to the crater and the surrounding rivers. Information at the hotel lobby.

Lasha Bakery – A boutique bakery serving health breads made of unleavened whole-wheat flour as well as cakes, cookies and a selection of quiches. Traditional handmade kosher baked goods. Opening hours: Thursday, 9:00-14:00, and 16:00-3:00 at night. Friday, 8:00-15:00 or when the last customer has been served.

Visitors’ Center - An amazing experience that presents the life story of the first Israeli astronaut as well as information about the largest craters in the world and their unique geological phenomena. Telephone: 08-6588691

Chai Ramon – Located just below the Makhtesh Ramon visitors’ center, this site is home to small desert animals such as snakes, lizards, rodents, porcupines, scorpions, and others. Telephone: 08-6588755

Chakara Camel Rides – Tours by camel throughout Makhtesh Ramon.
NIS 80 per person for a 30-minute ride; NIS 160 per person for a 180-minute tour including a visit to a Bedouin camp.
Telephone: 052-5707752.

FARAN Beauty Shop – A factory producing natural and organic soaps and cosmetics. Come in to touch and smell our products, with answers to all of your questions… Opening hours: Sunday through Thursday 8:00-19:00, Friday: 8:00-16:00. 12 Ardon River St. 5% discount for hotel guests on presentation of the room key.

The Jazz Club – Featuring bands from different countries worldwide. Darchei Habsamim Quarter. 8/2 Har Boker St. Telephone: 050-5265628. Discount for hotel guests on presentation of the room key.

Archery –Mitzpe Ramon is the only park in the world with an archery range. Telephone: 050-5344598. 10% discount for hotel guests on presentation of the room key.

Sand Surfing – In the sand, everyone can be a surfer! No need for previous experience, this activity is suitable for everyone from the age of 2 and up. Surf the sand boards and slides - sitting, on your stomach, backwards or in couples. Telephone: 0577892251 / 0543046054.

‏Alpaca Farm – Adjacent to Makhtesh Ramon at the heart of the Negev Mountains, a herd of beautiful alpacas and llamas from South America will greet you for a day of fun for the entire family! Telephone: 052-8977011. Tickets can be purchased at the hotel lobby with 10% off for hotel guests.

Abseiling – Experiential activity which involves rappelling down cliffs with the assistance of professional guides. This activity is also suitable for children from the age of 6 and up, and requires no previous experience. The abseiling is carried out on a 25m high cliff, one descent per participant. Telephone: 050-3833929.

Tozeret Mitzpe – a workshop and store featuring the Mitzpe Ramon artists’ applied art: ceramics, fashion, furnishings, jewelry. Opening hours: Sunday through Thursday 9:00-18:00, Friday: 9:00-15:00. Darchei Habsamim Quarter. 12 Har Boker St. Telephone: 08-6595111.

Karmey Har Hanegev Farm – Located near the crater, the wild landscape, with its cold and dry summer weather and winter floods, turns the farm into a different kind of experience. Guests can admire an authentic Moroccan tent, meet the animals in the menagerie, visit the stables, and tour the olive plantation from which the French “Picholine” oil is made. The farm is located 3 kms north of Mitzpe Ramon. Telephone: 050-8725233/244

Tzokim Restaurant – Bedouin ambiance, hookahs, coffee, tea and baklava. Special “coffee, tea and baklava” menu for hotel guests. Telephone: 050-9000453

Neve Midbar– A health spa in the Negev, 20 min. south of Beersheba. Neve Midbar offers healing mineral pools at a temperature of 40C. Special prices for hotel guests! Information available in the hotel lobby.

Havit Restaurant – Celebrating 23 years of activity, the restaurant has relocated from the visitors’ center to the Merkaz Hahmov. Havit offers a gourmet menu including breakfast, salads, pasta, sandwiches, soups, meat dishes and special vegetarian cuisine. The restaurant is closed on Friday evenings. Telephone: 08-6588226

Tzokim Restaurant – Located near the visitors’ center in Mitzpe Ramon, the restaurant sits on the top of the crater’s cliff and offers a spectacular view. The restaurant specializes in a desert-themed menu, Mediterranean in style. Telephone: 050-9000453

Chez Eugene – A luxurious French restaurant located in the Mitzpe Ramon industrial complex. Telephone: 08-9539595.

Hakatze Restaurant – The restaurant is located in the Mitzpe Ramon industrial complex. Home-style cooking with a predominance of soups and stews. Telephone: 08-6595273.


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8 Nahal meishar st, Mitzpe Ramon

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